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    The reason for data inconsistency is because updating any field value is not an atomic process, it requires three steps; first to read the current value, second to do the necessary operations to get the updated value and third to assign the updated value to the field reference. 'The asterisk (as in ^vervicem) is used throughout to denote Latin words not to be found in dictionaries of classical and ecclesiastical usage.

    Updating datagridview in c poor girl dating a rich guy

    Kettic Grid View Control contains various properties for UI designer of the data grid to control the actions of end users of the grid.

    For example, it is able to restrict user interaction and data modification including, rows editing and deleting, rows adding and positioning as well columns editing.

    If you want to create a new row in code then you use the Binding Source like so: The user can then enter the field values via the UI and the row is committed to the underlying Data Table when they navigate away to another record. End Edit() End Using End Sub It shows me the new record but when i close the application , it doesn`t save.

    If you use a Data Grid View then that's all you need, because it allows the user to add, edit and delete records. displaying one record at a time, then you need to add a bit more code to add or delete records. Read the last paragraph of my previous post and then ask yourself if that's what your code is doing. | MSDN Data Walkthroughs VBForums Database Development FAQ My Code Bank Submissions: VB | C# My Blog: Data Among Multiple Forms (3 parts) Beginner Tutorials: VB | C# | SQLPrivate Sub btn Save_Click(By Val sender As System.

    What your click event does is: 1) Get data into gridview 2) Write data back to file immediately thereafter. That is where any change made to the datagridview gets comitted to the DB.

    If you had your da be a global variable, (instead of local to that click), you might could just do the da.update(ds) in the click event.

    Hi friends, In my program I have to edit,update,delete of data in datagridview control, i.e I have to bind the datagridview with databse,what ever the operation I done at database side the same things I have to do in datagridview control Pleae send me any sample codes,or sample links and I really very thankful to one and all this forum is very helping in doing program beacause I don't the but I am doing the program in because of all the members cooperation in this forum thanks & regards Geeta Check these links, Startv20/aspnet/doc/ctrlref/data/Inserting new row in gridview: File/Art20Scott/Grid View Insert ANew Row09012006165053PM/Grid View Insert ANew thanq for the reply with the help of all you I am able to binding the data with gridview and I put the edit ,delete,update column with command from gridview properties but after running the program when I click on the edit link its throwing the exception and I changed the proerty read Only=true also but after clicking on the edit link its I unable to see the textbox for updating please help me inthis thanks Geeta I got update and cancel link after clicking the edit link and I am able to see the textboxes for editng the data but what I want is I want to update the data i.e I changed the the existing data of employee Name for e.g I have one field emp Name="geeta" here I changed with this "kavita" and after that I cliked on the update link but its not updating the data when I checked again in the database I wrote the code like this protected void my Grid View_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) So please tell me anyone how to update the data in the existing column Thanks Geeta Hi Friends, I wrote the code again for updating the data in the datagridview like this protected void my Grid View_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) but tis throwing the exception like this after clicking on the update link Update unable to find Table Mapping['Employee Table'] or Data Table 'Employee Table'. To String();here I am getting the exception i.e Index was out of range.

    Users of the Data Grid View control can implement the Value Changing and Value Changed events to create custom validation for their data gird in C# Windows Forms applications.

    The C# code API for data editing, data inserting, as well as data deleting are included within the Grid View Control.

    UI designer of the data grid can easily use the API to build the grid data editing behavior for columns and rows.

    You need to learn t-sql (the "language" for interfacing with SQL). Look at this link: INSERTUPDATEand DELETEstatementsusing Especially the Modify Row() method. This bit of code will go out, get all the items from the database (the fill() method), and then immediately does an update (nothing gets changed).

    What you need to do, is: 1) Get the data, and put it into gridview 2) Allow user to edit the gridview 3) Upon button click, write the data back out.

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